Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Like Autographs On My Rueben

With a tremendous showing in the NY Giants final two games, Rueben Randle is slowly showing why I have had faith in him all along as one of the Giants top recieveers. I am also glad I was able to "steal" these three new autographs off from eBay for $10.

I like this design, however the ink ran a little on it.

Signed acetate. I just wished it wasn't a sticker auto. Most of the time I am not bothered by sticker autographs, but when they are on clear acetate, they really stand out.

Then my favorite pickup of the group. I scored this one for under $4.
I would think with Randles outstanding play in the final two games that he would be back next season, but it's the NFL so you never know. Either way, I still plan on continuing to collecting him it would just be a lot easier if he played for my team too.

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