Friday, January 9, 2015

I wANNA Build A Rainbow!

Skittles always claims that you wanna taste the rainbow, well, I wanna collect one.

For many years I have been pondering about putting together my first rainbow and which product to do it with. I finally have narrowed it down to Topps Chrome and Panini Prizm. Both of these products make spectacular looking parallels that are both eye catchy and look good in sheet pages. The next step was figuring out which player and year to do so of. So I did some eBay pricing on both Topps Chrome and Panini Prizm and began searching players off from the NY Giants and NY Yankees to attempt to find the best priced players I could build a rainbow of. I knew I couldn't ever afford a Derek Jeter or Eli Manning type rainbow, so my focus was on lesser to mid-tier players.

However, that didn't narrow my search enough with so many players to choose from on both teams and prices that were about even. I didn't know what to do next so I sat back and tried to think of another way to do this. Then it hit me...why don't I just see what I already have first, then the one that is started the most wins as long as it was affordable. Why didn't I think of this first?!?!?!

Well, after an hour of digging and more sorting, here is the winner....drumroll please....Mr. Dean Anna. Now, he is no longer playing for the Yankees as he was signed by the Cardinals in November, but to me, he is still a Yankee on this cardboard and in this rainbow.

This is not the greatest start with only three parallels as I believe there are roughly eleven variations to add. I might not bother with the SuperFractor because it would be outta my price range, but if I could get the other ten, I would call that a rainbow.

Well, here is the start:

Base Card:



Orange (retail only) refractor:
Hopefully I can continue to add to this and update you as I go along.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I've always had a soft spot for Rainbows. I've covered it quite a lot over on my blog. Did a really nice one with Randy Moss using his 2011 Topps Chorme cards that was 12 cards big, from the base chrome to the Superfractor. Perhaps the most interesting one I built was Miguel Cabrera using of all things his 2011 Topps Heritage Cards. That was the year that they did green tints just like the 1961 release and then Target had a red tint, Walmart had a blue tint. The interesting thing was his cards from that year's Chrome were exactly the same except for the small Heritage and Chrome logos, so I was able to build an even bigger rainbow by combining both releases that I called a "Cross-Release Rainbow" It is a lot of fun putting these together. Enjoy!

  2. I've seen other people posting pics of their rainbow collections & like you I have been thinking of starting one myself.

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  5. I have a pretty decent start to some 2013 Bowman rainbows of former Volunteers...JHunter, CPatterson, TBray, and DRogers. Have also done with 2014 ARichardson and RNeal. is a great place to shop, as parallels are usually very reasonably priced on there, unless they're just super rare.

  6. Collecting a rainbow is ridiculous. And fun. And hopefully not too expensive, but good choice going with Dean Anna, can't imagine a lot of people chasing cards of his. Actually, I am a Dean Anna fan, I watched him a little bit a few spring trainings ago with the Padres and a few coaches were razzing him, calling him "Slammin' Dean Anna, the pride of Chicago". Thought it was pretty funny, seems like a good enough guy.