Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little Bit Of Everything Mail Day

Another awesome, but late shout out mail day. That's what I get for holding so much for the blog do-over.

So, time to show off the goods I received from @TheAdamTing from his Twitter Contest. Not only did he giveaway a sweet original lot, but he also covered all ends of my PC as well with bonus cards.

First up, some NY Giant adds. I really like the 1,000 Yard Club Cruz. Haven't ever seen one of those up close before. 

And of course I was a fan of this Randle add!

Now onto some Yankee adds including Jeter.

A couple Ken Griffey Jr's including his Donruss rookie.

Love this one!

He also included an unopened pack of 2013 Topps baseball that included four Yankee cards including the gold pictured. Guess he picked out the right pack.

Those were just the bonuses. Here was the original contest lot.

Big booklet fan.

And then this sweet rookie jersey card of Russell Wilson. I may be a Giants fan, but I have a lot of respect and am a big fan of what Wilson has done in the NFL so far. You gotta his hold his stuff. Already a Super Bowl champ with a lot left in him.

I just wanted to say sorry that it took me so long to get this posted @TheAdamTing. I just wanted to post it at the right time. Thanks again for this awesome mail day I really appreciated it!


  1. Um... So that's not Reuben Randle's autograph. It's definitely a David Wilson auto sticker!

  2. Nice little mailday. Love the Griffey cards and can't go wrong with russell