Saturday, January 3, 2015

Merry Christmas..From Grady

I have shown a few times now the results of a surprise mail day from Grady M on Sport Card Collectors Facebook page. To no surprise, this Christmas one was just as amazing as the rest.

Yankee PC adds:


Baseball inserts galore!

Mini gold parallels, I like em!

Everyone knows of my secret Chrome/Refractor obsession!

NY Giant PC adds:

Gotta love me some acetate inserts!

Some numbered inserts

I hated watching this guy play the Giants. He killed them every time, however, I respect him as a player. I also really like this card.

More parallel madness including Chrome!!

And one of my new favorite cards...I love this die-cut! Card is a beaut in person!

I know some complain about Prizm, but I really like it. Especially the "refractor" parallels.

NY Ranger adds:

Then he snuck in some hits. First off is Mario amazing catch Manningham!

I really loved this card. I like the memorabilia cards with pieces from non-regular game events. This one is an even worn workout jersey from the All Star game.

And to finish off this very nice mail day a CC Sabathia relic card.
A big thanks is owed to Grady for yet another amazing mail day. Don't worry buddy, I will surprise you back.

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