Monday, January 5, 2015

My Wallet Card

Wallet Card. Most of you are like, huh? What is Wallet Card? Believe me, I felt the same way earlier today when seeing the phenomenon take off. Now I will be participating in it.

Wallet Card is a new game announced at Baseball Card Breakdown, a blog I just found today, in which you select a specific card, carry it around in your wallet for a whole year, take pictures of the card periodically and post them on your blog.

I spent a few minutes this afternoon searching for the right card to carry around in my wallet for the next year. Baseball Card Breakdown said "It should be a card that makes you smile every time you see it", then I finally came across one that would make me smile. Look at the guys expression.

To me, many things come to mind when I see this card and picture it in my wallet.

"Dude, you just sat on me."
"What did you eat, oh my gosh, I am on one knee I can't take it!"
"Are you kidding me? You are putting me back in there...ugh!"

And on and on and on. Every time I open my wallet I could probably come up with a new caption for it.So starting today til a year from now, Matt Guokas will be taking a ride, walk or jog with me. I will pull him out every once in awhile to show you guys how he looks and show the many places he may visit. I hope you enjoy this. I think it will be a lot of fun to see what condition the card is throughout the year til next year.

Here he is in his new home.

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