Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Start

For about three weeks I have been counting down to this moment.

But, before I go on rambling, I must first say....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a safe and happy one!

Now I will begin rambling.

The moment I have been waiting for has finally arrived. I can finally move this blog in the right direction and to a place I have been wanting it to be in almost three years. It seemed this blog had become a thing of pictures, contests and just plain clutter. That is not what I wanted to do with this blog.  I have been very frustrated with it for awhile now and have been thinking of ways to get it to where I want it and a good time to do so. So why not the first of a year?

I guess my main want is a sports card blog. A real sports card blog. A place where I can talk about sports cards, discuss my opinions on products whether they are from this era or another, and just blog about what, who and why I collect . A place you come to read what I put up and not just come to enter contests. You know, like the other sports card blogs. I visit other ones on a regular basis. They have over 200 followers and get well over 6 comments a day on their posts. Other than contests, none of my posts have ever seen 6 comments. It's time to finally get it going!

It seems I started out blogging more when I first started this blog, but things got away from me and I couldn't bring them back. But, NO MORE. I am going to blog. I will at least have one post a day if not two and it will be about all of those things I just listed off. This blog will be a sports card blog. A real one!

You will notice the difference immediately starting out with this post. This post is the kickoff start of new things as the New Year begins and as Sport Card Collectors moves into its third year as a blog in March. Over the next few weeks, all older posts will leave this blog giving it a completely fresh start. I feel it will help the way readers may feel about this blog. All of those older posts will get moved over to The Card Bin, so don't fret everyone, they will not be deleted. You can go read them anytime!

Contests will no longer exist on here as I want this strictly to be a card blog. With that being stated however, contests will still be existent, but over at The Card Bin instead. I don't know how often they will happen, but they will happen. Like I said, changes are happening and they are for the best of this blog and for me as a collector/blogger.

I hope all of you have enjoyed what I have been doing on here for the past two and a half years and I hope you plan on continuing to come back and bringing friends with you. There is a lot to share ahead so stay tuned!