Saturday, January 17, 2015

One, Two, Three...Wait New But Not New To Me?

Have you ever forgotten about cards you owned or not realized you owned them? I hadn't, until recently.

The other night I was digging through binders and boxes to put together care packages for friends when I came across my binder full of Sage Hit cards that I had opened way back in May. At the time I had opened them, I only pulled out the key players I knew and left the rest to be dealt with at some point but had forgotten about them.

I was glad to come across them again when searching the binder for my friends care packages when I found three key cards that I had no idea I owned. If I had, they would have been pulled (which they are now), and put somewhere more important.

Those three Sage Hit cards were....

Alfred Blue who filled in marvelously for Arian Foster many times this year has shown flashes of what he could do as a full-time starter.  He now has more rookie cards out on the market, but this was his first and happens to be my only one of his.

Allen Hurns who made a name for himself early on this season for the Jaguars and made it on my fantasy team too, dropped off for a bit with a few injuries then finished strong again. Despite the two good rookie WR's in Marquise Lee and Allen Robinson they drafted, it was the undrafted guy who stepped up. He could be someone to watch out for in the future with his great timing with Blake Bortles. I am glad to have found this card as it's the only one of his I have. He has a few others out now.

What's to say about this third and great find, we all know who this guy is.
These types of finds makes me want to go back and look for more. What other rookie cards do I have hidden somewhere? What sport should I check next? Will there be more hidden gems?

All I can say is if I find more hidden gems, I will definitely be posting them on here.


  1. I forgot I had a few cards that I store away. Best one I forgot about was a David Price/Matt Garvey USA Baseball dual signed card. I was blown away when I found it. When I got it I didn't know who Matt Harvey was

  2. It's like a surprise mailday from yourself!

  3. Always great to find some cards you forgot you had.