Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: BCW Tobacco Card Insert Sleeves (Small Giveaway)

In an era where it seems Tobacco minis are being included in almost every product, it has been known for awhile that these cards were hard to display and enjoy since there didn't seem to be any pages or sleeves that fit them correctly. Luckily supply companies have been experimenting and coming up with cool products to help fill that need. I know BCW has many products already offered for these mini's.

A new product from BCW that was just released this week is one of those experiments. These new sleeves are called Tobacco Card Insert Sleeve. The Insert Sleeve differs from a standard Tobacco Card Sleeve because the outer dimension of an insert is the size of a traditional card. To keep the smaller tobacco card centered in the sleeve and not moving around everywhere, BCW created an inset “U” shape into the poly to the size of a traditional tobacco card.

Another difference in these than the standard Tobacco Card Sleeves is the thickness of the border. It's twice the thickness of the standard size tobacco sleeve helping protect the card more.

BCW created these insert sleeves for those of us who store our sports cards in boxes, 9-pocket pages or card holders designed for regular sized cards which is exactly what I do.With the tobacco cards now in these insert sleeves, I will be able to put them to good use in these areas.

In every pack of BCW Tobacco Card Insert sleeves is 25 sleeves that run roughly a little more than a dollar. You can find them HERE.

Here is one of the sleeves. It was hard to take a picture of the inset U but by looking really closely at this picture you can see it.

The first card I decided to put in one of these sleeves was my Sabathia mini. Here is the card being inserted. Pretty easy to get a card in one of these and not too tight like some sleeves can be.

Sabathia in his new home!

I also wanted to take on the challenge from the front of the package and see how they fit and look in Top Loaders and 9-card-sheets protectors.

Here is the card in a Top Loader. Fits amazingly. For me this means no more sliding around!

And something that made me even more excited was the perfect fit in the 9-card page sheets. Up until now I kept my tobacco cards just in a regular sized sheet area. Yes, the card slid around and it bothered me so most of the time I left the binder still, but now, with these I am able to wiggle this binder everywhere without an issue. I may have even danced with the binder to make sure it wasn't going to fall out and it didn't.
Overall, for me these are a huge hit and will be very beneficial. If you have tobacco cards and store your cards like me,  I know you will enjoy these.

And if you have tobacco cards and want to try this new product for FREE, I have two to give away thanks to BCW Supplies! So below, just comment with either your thoughts on this product or what else you think we need for card sleeves or what your favorite BCW product is.You will have one week to do so as entries are due January 30th 2015. ONE RANDOM winner will be announced on January 31st 2015 in the comments section below so make sure to come back to see if you have won.

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  1. glad they came out with the tobacco card sleeves!! love them!!

  2. I just opened up my BCW order tonight. I ordered 4 shoe box houses and some top loaders. My favorite product of theirs is the baseball album with stitches on the cover. It's really nice!

  3. Cool, I need to get myself some of those ASAP

  4. Love this product. Seems like we have a big need for them for a while. @Ozsportsfan1

  5. the tobacco cards looks nice in the sleeves. i have no tobacco cards so i don't need the sleeves. please don't pick me

  6. I have about a thousand cigarette cards doubled up in hard top loaders, these sound like they are perfect for the job!
    Can't wait to order some..

  7. This is a great idea. I really like the idea of it so that they can be stores easily

  8. Super great idea. I need to order these.

  9. With the # of these cards I have around, I need to get some of these

  10. With the # of these cards I have around, I need to get some of these

  11. Finally!! Great product from a great company!!


  12. That will work nice with my press pass 2009 Nascar tobacco mini set I have

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    1. Congrats Mark, please email me your address to and I will pass it along to BCW.

      Thanks to all that participated!