Sunday, January 18, 2015

Twitter Trade With @dpalagi518 #Beckham #Giants

I recently pulled one of those Panini Reward cards and had no idea what I wanted to do with it. Did I want to exchange it? Hold it for more? Trade it? After seeing that I didn't have enough for something I really wanted I decided I would put it on the trade market and found a great trading partner for it in @dpalagi518.

In exchange for the points, along with some other things I will send along to him at some point, he sent me the following:

Huge fan of anything shiny...

Here are some much needed Odell adds...(Andre Williams too)

Love this one because of the great photograph. Full bleed photography. This is the best looking base Topps puts out.

And a pretty sick patch to end it.
Thanks again goes out to @dpalagi518 for this amazing mail day, this may be the first of many more trades to come.

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  1. Highly recommend doing trades with this gentleman of the hobby