Thursday, January 1, 2015

Unboxing A Collector Crate Silver Baseball

I have broken two forms of football crates, a gold and silver, now what I really wanted to do was break a baseball crate and I did so.

This baseball crate is a silver level break. It comes with:

10 Random Packs mid end packs.
2 Random Game Used Cards
2 Random Autographed Cards
Plus Random Rookies, Prospects, Stars, Inserts, Serial #ed, and Parallel Cards and/or Other Bonus Items!

My crate kicked off with these NY Yankee earphones. Before deciding on my crate I told them I liked the Yankees. They now make the Crates to fit the buyer the best they can.



Now here come the packs. As for what I found within, you will have to wait til I show off the individual breaks this month.

Wonder if Mattingly was in here....

Or Jeter in here....

Love the look of this product.

Then after all of the packs there are still hits to be looked at! Here is what I found in my team bag:


Two autographs. I really like the new Yankee rookie add. I haven't seen 2014 Stadium Club up close yet.

Then my two memorabilia cards. One of my favorite Yankees in Soriano and what's up Doc Gooden bat card. Never understood why they used bat pieces for pitchers. Baseball swatches seems to make more sense to me.
Overall, I was pretty happy. A great variety of packs from 90's to today and a bonus 1984 pack.

I also like that they specified to my team with a couple of the hits and the earplugs.

If you haven't given Collector Crate a try yet, do so. You can find more information about them HERE on their site.

********** HEADS UP********** 
It seems as if Collector Crate no longer exists. Please hesitate at this moment from ordering from them even though their site seems live. They are not responding to customers via email, Twitter, Facebook and by phone. I will keep this post up so you can see what they were once about. If any further details come to light, I will update this post again with new information. As always, I try to keep you informed on what is going on in the hobby.

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