Monday, February 16, 2015

Best Panini Rewards Mail Day Yet!

With my recent run on Panini Reward points, saved up 950, I knew I either had to trade them away or find something that catches my eye. The first time I used Panini Rewards I didn't find anything I really wanted, but this time something stood out to me and I had enough points to grab a few nice cards.

2014 Panini Certified had some beautifully done Freshman Fabrics this year and when I saw a Giants player as one of them offered, I had no choice but to snatch it.

I first snatched this, yes Sims didn't get much playing time, but it's sometimes important to take a chance on the future. And for 150 Panini Rewards, I would have been stupid not to have.

Then I went on to grab TWO of these for 250 Panini Rewards points a piece. Normally I am not a person who likes to do doubles on things like this, but I think Andre Williams has a bright future and with him being a Giant and the cards looking as nice as they do, I couldn't walk away without a least a couple.

Really liked this one especially. Nice patch!
Overall, I spent 650 Panini Rewards leaving me with 300 for another future pickup. I will say I am a bit antsy with holding onto them and was tempted to pick up another Williams. I still might. Whatever I decide on will be posted on here of course! Stay tuned!


  1. I like that Sims. He is a WVU guy like myself.

  2. Nice cards but kind of lame to have to pay shipping at what $4.95 or something like that

  3. Not to bad. I stayed away from the Sims but did get the Andre Williams. I also picked up the Eric Ebron and a Davante Adams although the Adams does not list on They have had some nice cards though for sure. I have picked up a numbered to 10 Emmitt Smith, a 1/1 Sean Elliott and many many more low numbered cards. I am very happy with the site although the shipping could be cheaper for sure or at least quicker for the price paid. Just today I received a Troy Niklas Auto /10, Darqueze Dennard autos numbered to /10 and /5, Garrett Gilbert auto numbered /5 and a L'Damian Washington auto numbered /5.