Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cause 2/10 Ain't Bad

The votes were made and winner's were announced yesterday. How did Sport Card Collectors fair in The Bip Awards for Blog Of The Year, well....

First off I would like to thank A Cardboard Problem and Sooz for hosting this contest. Secondly, I would like to thank those of you who put in a nomination for Sport Card Collectors and got me into the category of Blog Of The Year. Though I got to admit, I was a bit surprised by all of the stuff I give away on here that I didn't get into the Most Generous Blogger category. But, I appreciate the honor just to had been in the running for Blog Of The Year. Especially with some of the names on that list.

Here was the results for Blog Of The Year:

Blog of the Year: Night Owl Cards (30.05%)

As to no surprise to me or other bloggers, Night Owl Cards reigned supreme. A big congrats goes out to him and his blog dynasty. It's a great read as well, make sure you check him out sometime.

As for Sport Card Collectors, I just couldn't leave it hanging without knowing where I stand amongst the greats in that category. I wanted to know how much of an impact all of my hard put in time on this blog makes for you guys. Well, I am proud to say, according to Sooz, Sport Card Collectors scooped up 16% of the vote to which she believed put me in second. That's right. Second place. While most wouldn't be happy about that, I am. To be up against the greatest bloggers and finishing second, that means you guys like what I am doing and my hours of spent time on here isn't being wasted. Well, I still would blog for myself, but to have you guys appreciate it too, that's an extra biggie.

So thanks to everyone who voted for Sport Card Collectors in this category. It's an honor to have finished second and I look forward to next years voting.

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