Sunday, February 15, 2015

Got 70 Randles...And An Auto Ain't One!

In my recent eBay pickup of Rueben Randles, I bid on a 70 card lot of them. Yeah, most of them were double, triple, quadruple, and more, but when you can get 70 cards for $5, why wouldn't you bid on them?

Here is the gallery. Enjoy!

The Bowman purple version I didn't have

A few more new ones here in Elite, Elite Elite Series, and the Score Hot Rookies

Overall, I couldn't go wrong with a lot like this. A lot of cards for a great price. Not to mention, a few new ones that I didn't have that would have cost more individually.

I do plan on holding onto my extras, you just never know in the NFL who could be the next Super Star and with Randles late season performances, I could be holding onto it.

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