Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Grady M. Mail Day Part 1:NY GIANTS/Hockey Cards

Yesterday was one great mail day. One, I got my Panini Reward Points cards (these will be posted sometime soon too) and two, this tremendous mail day from Grady M on the Sport Card Collectors Facebook page arrived.

This isn't the first package he has sent. Him and I have been going back and forth sending each other packages for a few months now. This is one of the most generous and nicest collectors I have met online and his "surprise" packages never disappoint. They are usually loaded with inserts, rookies and the occasional game used or autographed card. A lot of the stack focuses on my main teams/players, but he also sends other teams/players as well as I pretty much collect everything.

In today's mail share, I am showing off my NY Giants/hockey card part of my mail day and what I am showing isn't all of it. These were certain cards I picked out of it. There was also a stack of base for each team as well but I didn't have time to upload and take every picture. So I guess you can call this, the best of the best.

To kick it off are the NY Giants. I Really like Absolute retail. I hadn't seen any up close til now. The L.T. hologram is nice as well.

2 NEW ODELLS! Also my other boy Dre Will!

More fun Giants inserts. Cool camo Prizm of JPP! Hope the Giants are smart and re-sign him.

Love the Clarity insert. If you haven't seen these, they are printed on VERY THICK acetate.

Some Rueben Randle adds and can't ever go wrong with an Odell.

These are all players I miss on the Giants. Nicks and Bradshaw left, I think Jernigan to follow this year.

Time for Regis and Kathy Lee! Wait, this is just Kathy....

BOOM! COREY WASHINGTON!! Been wanting to add his rookies to my collection. Now I have the base card and red spectrum parallel. Now I just need his auto.

A cool Circle K collectible disk. I think it said 1986.
Just think, that is only a fifth of this mail day. Some really nice NY Giants adds that are all new adds to my PC.

Now onto the hockey.

You all know my love of refractors. Same goes for Prizms.

A couple numbered cards and cool die cut 

And to finish this up, some Canvas cards. I am a big fan of those.
Overall, I am blown away. Grady sent amazing package and this was only part of it. I can't wait to share the rest of this with you guys so make sure to check back in tomorrow.

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