Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Grady M. Mail Day Part 2: Football Inserts, Baseball Inserts, 2015 Topps,Yankees and MORE Oh My!

Well, now looking at how many pictures are in this post, I should have done three parts for this mail day. But, I promised to show you guys the rest tonight so here it goes!

Gonna start it out with football inserts and there were plenty to share. Here are Absolute football base rookies and red/blue spectrum base players and rookies.

 More insert madness! I really like the Profiles insert.

Sanchez and Suh rookies from Platinum.

Stacy is a gold parallel numbered to 49

Hogg Heaven! Even a Boss Hogg numbered parallel!



Steve Smith is numbered to 25.
That ends the football insert portion of this post. Was a lot of great finds!

Now onto some basketball!

Sweet Prizm parallels

Even a Larry Bird Prizm parallel

That ends the basketball portion. I really like the Prizm adds.

Now onto warmer weather thoughts. The thoughts of green grass, the sound of a bat cracking and the Yankees fans like myself missing Derek Jeter. Here are some baseball inserts and a few Yankee PC adds!

Always been a Heritage fan



Now onto a few Griffeys. These two I haven't seen before and quite honestly don't know what they are. They are from 1989 and something I definitely don't have. Pretty cool.

This card has always been a fun one to see. Upper Deck did this a few times in the 90's.

Now onto my first 2015 Topps baseball adds. Here are my FIRST two Yankees of 2015.
I am absolutely impressed with this years Topps base card design. From what I see, the photography is finally nice and the boring white borders are gone. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was how thin the cards are. That was something I picked up immediately.

Inserts are a okay. I wished they would put more effort in them such as adding foils or embossing or something amongst those lines. Seems these are more of a subset or filler to me. Another thing would be nice if they stopped shoving boxes full of them. Make them harder to find and only a few per box.

I like this years gold parallels. A bit of shine to them.

These are my favorites of the 2015 Topps inserts so far. I like when companies add something new by thinking outside the box. I love the pictures they used too. Jeff Bridges looks like he just had a few cold ones, 50 Cent looks like he should be pitching for the Mets (yeah that was a slam) Agnes is playing ski-ball and Tom could probably make the Cubs team (yes another slam)
In this two-day mail day I was left completely speechless. The further I dug into that box, the more I felt like a kid at a candy counter digging out all of the red Sour Patch Kids. It couldn't get any better!

Now I must give some props where they are due. Grady is a very generous collector and someone who has become a friend. I hope the both of us continue to do these packages for one-another. It's a lot of fun no matter which end you are on. I enjoy packing up and setting stuff aside for him just as much as I enjoy receiving it, and showing it off too!


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