Monday, February 16, 2015

Jason Giambi Retired (Man Cave Piece Too)

After 20 years and 440 Home Runs in baseball, Jason Giambi has finally called it quits and will retire at age of 44.

I have mixed feelings about Jason. After his admission of steroid use from 2001-2003, I immediately jumped on the "cheater" and "dislike against him" and ruled any card I pulled of him thereafter useless. This comes after my excitement that the Yankees had brought him in and how much I enjoyed watching him club the ball with his nice swing. I became a fan and couldn't wait til his next at bat. But, all it takes for me to turn on a player is a steroid accusation. I did the same to Sosa, McGwire, Clemens and Bonds. I don't like cheating.

After he left the Yankees, a move in which I was quite excited about at the time, I didn't actually realize he was still kicking around til I saw a highlight a few years ago with him in a Rockies uni. I was like, really, Jason Giambi still plays? However, what I didn't realize was how he changed after his admission playing the role of a leader and father of a young Rockies clubhouse. He did the same after for the Indians. It was like having an extra coach. This came completely unexpected to me and a part of me wanted to forgive him for his steroid use. Not many players turn something so controversial into something meaningful afterwards. A big example of this is Alex Rodriguez who seems to like stirring that controversy pot more into a thick stew. I don't think he will ever mature and as a Yankees fan, a baseball fan and baseball card collector, I am not looking forward to him playing this year.

So, going back to Jason one more time. I still can't forgive him completely for his steroid use especially while playing for my team. Cheating is still cheating and the 200+ home runs he hit while playing as a Yankee in my opinion shouldn't count. But, I will say that I have gained a ton more respect for him after hearing about his life turning around with the Rockies and Indians and wish him the best after baseball.

As a small tribute and to show my gained respect for him, here is a piece that I have in the man cave that I traded for years ago. It contains a Classic baseball rookie along with a 2005 Donruss card and a 8x10 signed photo. It's a really nice piece that I will continue to leave hanging on my wall as a reminder that people do make mistakes, but if you own up to them like Jason did, you can still make a difference.

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