Thursday, February 26, 2015


Back in the fall, Topps began to release images of an upcoming product called Topps Fire. Now, usually I am not into products like this and at first was not impressed. But, as more and more images began to come out, there was just something eye appealing about it and I knew someway or another that I needed to get some cards from it. That's when I saw @RJDUB81 post his results from a case break last week he had participated in with that product in which he had his team, the Broncos and mine, the Giants. He not only had tremendous results including an Odell Beckham Jr. autograph, but had other cards that I really wanted as well.

I immediately contacted him about a trade and we figured one out within a couple of days in which we both were extremely happy with. I couldn't quite pull the Odell autograph away as he already had plans with it, but I did get some tremendous cards anyways and couldn't wait for them to come.

Well, today was the day they arrived! Now let's see what I was so excited about!

First up, he sent me a team set of the Broncos

Then one of the Giants including my new main PC guy Andre Williams

Here is the Odell rookie. I like the team color schemes they did and the blue with the Giants, but I find the way Odell is posed in this one not great. It makes him disappear on the card. I would rather have seen a full photo on this.

Then included some parallels. They look great too.

And the inserts. I think these look great. I think they could have even pushed these a bit further by adding a "raised" feature to the items in the background. That would have taken them to another level!

Same with these. A "raised" feature would have been cool.

Now onto the hits portion of this mail day.

A nice looking jersey card of Williams to the PC. A design like this helps take away the fact its a plain white swatch.

And an auto!!! Looks tremendous!

Now a really sick patch that's numbered to 15! It's also Odell to boot!! Nice looking patch against the color scheme.

And my favorite card of them all, the Andre Williams auto/patch!
A really nice mail day overall with 5 new Andre Williams to that PC and a sick looking Odell patch.
Also, now that I have some of these cards in hand, I am even more impressed with the product!

A big thanks goes out to @RJDUB81 for the trade! I look forward to doing future deals with you.

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