Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another 90's Mail Day, Another Want List Item Down (HUGE GALLERY)

FINALLY were the first words out of my mouth when this mail day arrived yesterday. After about a year of attempting to complete the trifecta of Spx football brands of the late 90's, 96,97,98, the final one arrived and is now in my hands (insert evil laugh). Never actually thought the day would ever come.

Before I go on about this set and show a big extensive gallery of ALL OF THEM, I must give a shout out to Collector Crate who was able to pull off a trade with me to allow me to bring this baby home. Thanks again man!

Now onto the cards. The 1998 design was nicely done like the others. The base cards were shaped similar to the 1996 edition, except in portrait layout, and the foil with mixed bright colors and bonus player-face hologram made these a thing of beauty. The biggest problem was capturing all of that beauty to post on here.

My pictures for the set as a whole, doesn't capture the beauty so I had to do one up close so you get what I am talking about. If more companies spent time building a nice base card like these again, it may lure back in more set collectors. These are so nice that they even beat out some of today's inserts. Of course, this is just my opinion.

Here is the moment you have been waiting for. Here is your full gallery. This is the 1998 base card front and back then extensive set gallery. After that I will show off the 1997 and 1996 sets to sum up a year long chase.
Front of 1998 Spx football base
Back of 1998 Spx Football Base
Now onto full blown 1998 Spx Set mode. The base set only consisted of ONE NY Giant. Not even one I would have expected. Ike Hillard wouldn't have been my first choice if only one was allowed. What about Mr. Tiki Barber? Anyways, enjoy!

1997 Spx Football, which by the way is my favorite of the three. These are not by number like the other two on here. I had to pick the rest of this set in pieces unlike the other two that I just got as a whole.

And finally the 1996 Spx Football set. This was the year I got the set, main inserts and both the autographs for. I still need the gold set and the other inserts to call it the master set.

Overall, three amazing sets if you ask me. Upper Deck owned the hobby back in the 1990's with their innovation and uniqueness with their base cards. Something we need more of today. 

Once again a big thanks goes out to Collector Crate for helping me finish off another Want List item. 

My next 90's goals are to get the 1997 Ex2000 football set and somehow pull off a 1996 Upper Deck Game Jersey card of ANYONE.

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  1. I put together all five (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR) of the 1996 SPx base sets and threw them into a binder. I like how they all five sets used a different design.

    P.S. I'm glad to see another person who appreciates the EX sets of the 90's. I still have a box of 1997 EX-2000 FB sitting at my parents house.

    1. Dude that's awesome!! That EX is up for trade right? :)

      I really appreciated the design of Ex in the 90's. Other than the Spx, they put out some of the most impressive base cards.

  2. Each one of those sets is truly a gem, man! Some of the best stuff to come out of the 1990's. Congrats on getting all three sets together!