Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Topps Baseball Series 1 Blister Box (Sp find)

FINALLY! It's in hand!!

Well after its release, I got my hands onto some 2015 Topps baseball. I had wanted to give a blaster a try, but funds fell short, maybe next time, but I did get to open the blister pack and I at least got a taste of what Topps has to offer in 2015.

Each blister of Topps cards comes with one pack of cards. Each pack is loaded with 72 cards in which there is a decent balance of base, rookies and inserts to find. There are also chances at randomly inserted autographs and memorabilia cards, but I haven't ever seen any pulled from the. Each blister is roughly$10. This blister is also a Target exclusive one and comes with ONE Jackie Robinson Story Card.

I really dig this years photography and base card design. This may be the best I have seen in years.

Back of the card

Subsets in Series 1. Not bad looking. I know many have complained about the Future Stars part with the writing not being very bold, but it doesn't bother me.

My rookie card finds including one for the Yankees PC and top Cub Baez.

I was pretty excited to had pulled a photo variation. Especially of Astros upcoming star Springer.

My insert pulls. New Ruth for the PC.

And here is my Jackie Robinson story card. Nicely designed in my opinion.
Overall, not a bad break for $10. My favorite find other than the Jeter base card was the Sp.

I really hope to try a blaster break next. If I do, it will be posted right on the blog that way I can compare the two.

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