Friday, March 6, 2015

Grady M Mail Day Part 4/7:Football Rookies

Part 4 of my Grady M mail day was all about the football rookies. There were tons!

First, some Topps Strata. I never bought any of this product this year so all of these are new for the Rookie PC.

More Absolute retail rookie adds


Select. I really like this product and it looks even better when it's a parallel

No joke Ha-Ha, more Topps Fire for the collection!

Crown Royale. I really like how they did the base card die-cuts this year

Assorted group of Prestige, Prizm, Rookies and Stars and Topps

Then to finish it off, a really sweet looking Gold from Totally Certified /25
This sums up the football rookie portion of the mail day. A lot of defensive players found in this pile and I think that defense is underrated in collecting. It's the main reason why teams win championships. You gotta show them some hobby love too!

Part 5 coming up tomorrow. Yankee fans are welcomed to check that out.

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