Saturday, March 7, 2015

Grady M Mail Day Part 5/7: NY Yankees!

Part 5 of this mail day tackles my Yankees PC and also adds to my rookie PC. That's what I call a nice double whammy!

Let's take a gander!

Yankee rookies including Joba, Henn and Solarte.

Oh man! Seeing that Ian Kennedy makes me miss Upper Deck baseball cards even more. The wide open photography is outstanding.

2 Ivan Nova rookies. I hope he has a bounce back year, they Yankees are going to need him to be at his greatest with a somewhat weak rotation.

Jeter and A-Rod card, wonder what both would be thinking up at the podium right now if they were together...

More rookie and prospect adds

I like these a lot

More 2015 Yankee adds. I didn't have any of them

My first Jeter base card of 2015

And a nice Cano jersey card to finish off the Yankee portion. I still will always picture this guy as a Yankee. Not right seeing him as a Mariner.
Overall, some nice Yankee additions for my rookie PC and for my regular PC.

We are heading towards the end of these mail days. Gear up for another post tomorrow especially you Giants fans!

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