Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mail Day From Baseball Card Breakdown

One of the things I have been trying to do the last few months has been visiting other blogs, checking them out and adding them to my blog read list. Actually, if you are reading this and I don't have you and you don't have me, just comment below with your blog link and you will be added!

One of my new favorite reads is, Baseball Card Breakdown.

Recently he was hosting a contest for some pretty cool items and luck of the draw had me as the winner. Here were the items that he mailed me.

I don't have either of these which really surprised me since I have a lot of them.

Tony Fernandez auto. I like his signature.

And same goes with my first Bobby Richardson auto. These guys know how to sign cards and make them legible. None of this TF or BR or scribble scribble. Just straight up nice clean autographs.

Also included in this really nice mail day were these two Ken Griffey Jr magnets that he had made up. They are even hand numbered! These are wicked cool and will look great on my desk in the man cave.

Here is the 1989 Fleer design. 

And a cool 1989 design with a Griffey pic from The Simpsons.
Some great items added to my PC overall. If you haven't checked out Baseball Card Breakdown please do so. It's a great read!

Thanks again Baseball Card Breakdown for this awesome mail day!


  1. To Sports Cards Collectors:

    I just recently started a blog about my baseball card collection and would appreciate if you could add it to your read list.

    Thank you.

    This is the listing for my blog.

  2. Glad you like the cards and congrats again!

  3. Gavin has one of the best blogs out there.

    Topps Retired is a beautiful set. Congrats on the contest win.