Monday, March 23, 2015

Off Hiatus Baseball Card Blog Mail Day

Recently, Off Hiatus Baseball Card Blog celebrated their 1 year blogversary. As a way to celebrate, he sent out many packages to readers who listed off what they collect or would want for a mail day. I of course listed NYY and Ken Griffey Jr.

Later that day, he emailed me asking if I would prefer something off my most wanted list instead of the Yankees and Griffey. If not, he would still send Yankees.  I couldn't say no to the most wanted list. My most wanted list is my main wants in the hobby and if I have a chance to knock some cards off that list, I will take it any day.

Fast forward a few days and these four rookie cards arrived helping me knock four more off my list

Wade Boggs. You could technically call this a Yankees PC add too.

Same thing for "The Rocket"

Always wanted a Kirby, I mean, who wouldn't. The guy was one of the greats.

And finally, Jim Kelly's Rookie. Now that I have Kelly in hand, only Marino and Young remains for rookies I need from that era.

Awesome mail day overall and a big thanks goes out to Tony for his generosity. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you are missing out. Go give it a view today!!

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  1. Glad you got the cards and that you like them. I'm glad I could help you out!