Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rey Ordonez...You Mean More Than You Think (eBay mail day)

I have one. YESSSSSSSSSSSS, I have an UD Game Jersey card from the 90's. The card I was able to acquire on eBay isn't the 1996 one I have been wanting forever, but its the 1997 edition and is still one tremendous PC card add.

In 1996, Upper Deck released the first-ever jersey cards into the market with its 1996 Upper Deck football product. In 1997, Upper Deck's baseball product was notable for having the first game-used cards in a mainstream baseball product. So even though this card I picked up wasn't the first overall jersey card like I had wanted, it still was the first overall baseball jersey card.So I guess that goes into consideration for being what I was looking for.

Without further ado, here is the card I picked up on eBay for a reasonable $10. I say reasonable because these cards are hard to find due to the fact they were rare hits falling at 1:800 packs. There is also only three player cards available in the set as well.

I like the fact that it even has a stripe. This kinda card isn't about the player on the card as much as it is about the card itself. Just. Plain. Beautiful.

Back of the card. I think it's pretty awesome the way that UD worded everything and the fact that it's a GAME WORN jersey. Those are seemingly becoming rarer in our market today with so many manufactured and player worn relics.
I liked the card when I bought it, but upon receiving it, I loved it. This is a piece of cardboard history and the start of something that changed the baseball card industry forever. I wouldn't mind trying for the set but with the Griffey being so EXPENSIVE, I know that dream will never come true.

However, my other dream of possibly owning a 1996 UD Game Jersey card, still lives on.


  1. If you're interested... DA Cardworld has the Gwynn from this set for less than $10: