Wednesday, April 29, 2015

$3 Co-Signer Pickup

My search for hard-to-pull and I couldn't afford at the time insert/autograph pulls from the 90's chase continued. This time my search led me for a 1997 Topps Stadium Club Co-Signer card that I believe was the first dual signed card.

These front/back signed autographed cards fell at a rate of 1:70 packs in 1997. That was a year where I ripped through a few boxes of the product and never hit one. Though back then that wasn't my reasoning for opening it as Stadium Club had a superb base card design and some nice inserts that year. I will show one of those in an upcoming 90's Flashback post. In the meantime, I will show you my newest pickup.

Upon searching Co-Signers on eBay, which by the way are not cheap, I stumbled upon one on sale for $3. Not to mention FREE SHIPPING. How could I not pick it up? And it wasn't like I didn't know at least one of the players on the card. I actually saw a lot of him in the 90's in my packs.

So here it is, $3 and glorious! Love the rainbow foil and wished they had done it front and back but it is still an impressive looking card.

Glad to have crossed this one off my want list. Now onto the next part of my 90's card journey. Where that will lead me, only time AND money can tell.


  1. nice card! You got a great deal on that, too. Congrats!

  2. These cards are awesome. Always a huge fan of 90's co-signers. It's pretty cool knowing that the card was actually held by both athletes. One of my most expensive purchases of all-time is my 1999 co-signers card of Jeter and Chipper.

    As for being the first... this might be the first dual signed football card. But Upper Deck had Mickey Mantle and Ken Griffey Jr. sign cards in (I think) 1994... and I think both Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench signed their Heroes inserts back in 1992.