Thursday, April 16, 2015

99 Cents For What?!?!

If you haven't noticed recently, a lot of my collecting is shifting towards stuff from the 90's. It's not just because as VH1 would put it, "I love The 90's", but it's because there are deals to be had on cards you may have once wanted but couldn't afford.

That's where these three cards come into play.

After getting an eBay gift card for my birthday, I started scouring for deals. I won't overpay for a card and will sometimes even lose a card if I feel it's above what I want to pay for it. That even includes $3. Yes, I am stingy but I feel there are deals to be had and I like to stretch my dollar as far as I can.

And stretching that dollar I did with these pickups. For a TOTAL $2.97, free shipping too, I was able to acquire three tough pulls from the 90's, yes .99 cents each.

Being a huge fan of refractors and PCing them, landing not one but two 1:80 pulls for under $1, was a heck of a find.

I always liked this guy despite him playing for the wrong NY team. He was very underrated for what he provided to the Jets.

Then I also landed this. A 1997-1998 Select Certified GOLD MIRROR PARALLEL that were really tough at 1:299 odds. Now I just need to get the other two mirrors to complete a rainbow. These Golds are so tough, hough not numbered, are limited to just 24 copies.
You can't argue that I didn't get a great deal, I know I did. The cards are also impressive looking and more so in person. These also cross off some insert wants from the 90's as well.

As I type this, I already have my watch list filled hoping for another steal like these. It may never happen again, but with some patience, you just never know.

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  1. Awesome finds! I'm especially jealous of the Trevor Kidd Mirror Gold.