Tuesday, April 21, 2015

And The Cramers Choice Award Goes To....

To finish what the post title claims...And The Cramers Choice Award Goes To...SPORT CARD COLLECTORS BLOG!!

Thank you, thank you. I will be more than happy to accept these off from eBay for less than $3 a piece.

That's right. Once again my patience and wanting of 90's cards I couldn't afford once but can now continues. Today I officially get to cross off Cramers Choice awards. I originally only wanted one of these to say that I had one, but when the prices dipped so low I couldn't turn it down.

If any of you remember, these cards were pretty much impossible to pull at 1:720 odds. This one seller had well over ten of them. I was rather impressed that I got four.

Other than the tough odds on these, I really like the design too. A 3D trophy appeal with rainbow foil, a player and a "name plate" at the bottom has this card flowing well. There isn't too much of one thing. It's very well balanced.

Now onto the card gallery!

First up is Jarome Iginla

Then Paul Kariya

Then Eric Lindros

And finally the most valuable one of the group, Peter Forsberg.

Just in case you are curious, the back of these cards
I really had fun bidding on these. I had no idea I was going to land all four for less than $12. Nor did I ever think I would own one. To me, this was a steal by my standards.

With a 1996, 1997 jersey card knocked off my list and now these, the search for 90's awesomeness is far from over. But, a lot of the top cards I wanted are.

What do you think of my newest pickups? Yay? Nay? Comments are always appreciated!

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