Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beach Boys + Rueben Randle: A Panini Reward Mail Day

With 300 Reward Points to use and no patience with saving onto them, I was waiting for the opportune time to jump on a couple cards. With daily check-ins on the Panini Reward website, I finally caught two cards I really wanted with my remaining points.

First up is a new Randle for that PC. Pretty decent size swatch. I just wished it wasn't one color.

And then this......
Yes. A Beach Boys Concert Gear card. Why? You may ask. IT'S A FREAKIN BEACH BOY! It's a piece of music history!! I also like the colorful swatch.

I thought these were two pretty nice scores overall and I am glad to see the Panini Reward site expanding more. The shipping cost still stinks, but at least the cards have gotten nicer on there and I didn't have to wait for a redemption card either.

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