Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Topps Stadium Club Football 4-Pack Break

Full bleed photos, action photography and some fun inserts, who didn't like ripping Stadium Club in the 90's.That leads to today's break of 1995 Stadium Club football.

Each pack of 1995 Topps Stadium Club football there are 10 cards. I found my packs for $.75 each on Jammin JDcards that you can locate HERE.

I pulled a lot of base cards in my packs which wasn't a problem to me when the base look this good. I am also one of very few collectors who still collect base.

My favorite card from the packs I opened was actually this David Meggett. I like the angle of the picture. You don't usually see a picture capturing a running back before they make their move past the line. Very cool.


My best non-Giants player from the packs. The one and only John Elway!

And my insert pulls. I landed both of these in the first pack I opened. 1:3 pack odds and both were stuck together in the same pack. Not going to argue with that success!
Overall, a few PC adds and a couple of 90 insert pulls at a great price. This break left me craving for more.

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