Friday, April 17, 2015

Dual Mail Day Of Awesomeness! Contest Score, Trading, GREAT CARDS GALORE!

It's always a sad day when you go to the post office and no packages arrive. That's the way I felt the last two days. However, today was much different as two nice packages arrived. It caused for a celebratory dance in the post office parking lot and a package being opened before I got home.

My first package contained this Museum Collection autograph of C.J. Wilson from APBoomBox on Twitter that he mailed to me just for being a great follower. Thanks again man for the nice PC piece. This also happens to be my first card from Museum Collection.

My second package came from a new trading partner on Twitter in @ElbertPhillips. I have had a 2014 Ha-Ha Clinton Dix Contenders Autograph SSP /25 up for trade for awhile now and finally found someone who really wanted to trade for it.  

We went back and forth on Twitter for a little bit but had the trade worked out pretty fast.

Here is some sweet items I was able to bring home!

Yes, I know I have complained about pulling this guy in what seems every box I open, but I guess the prospector in me is hoping he can put up big numbers next year in Cleveland. If not, maybe I should PC him too lol.

Same goes for Savage. I really like Contenders and I think Savage has a legit chance to start for Houston who is building quite a team. So adding my first auto of him I hope is a good move.

Next up is a baseball auto I couldn't turn away. Once again as someone who likes to prospect some, I like to hope Lake could someday be a star. But, that's not the main reason I traded for this card. I really like the design and swatches on it. It looks really cool.

Of course I had to keep adding to my Andre Williams collection. Here is a nice sized jersey card with a stitch sticking out on the right hand side.

And a sweet Dre auto /25 from Hot Rookies.

And finally the card that set this trade in motion. This thing is BEAUTIFUL and even more so in person. Panini did an excellent job with this product and I can't say that enough. Black Gold may be one of the best looking products of the year.

But here is that beautiful card I spoke of above, it's a dual patch card of Eli and Peyton that's numbered to 25.
Ever since this morning I have been unable to take my eyes off from so pretty...just look at the nice swatches too.... overall a nice looking card.

A big thanks goes out to Elbert on the trade and for being a great trading partner. He is someone I highly recommend and plan on going back to trade with again. Possibly very soon.


Now that you have seen my awesome mail day, did you get one today? I wanna hear about it!


  1. Ha Ha should have a solid career with the Pack... but probably nowhere near as solid as the Manning brothers. Great trade.

  2. That Peyton/Eli card is a great one. I've got the Favre/Sapp card, myself.