Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hockey Card Contest Mail Day From @APetrelak

@APetrelak on Twitter was hosting another one of his challenging contests of guessing the score. This time it was NCAA style. Up for grabs, a card lot from each sport for you to choose one of.

Once again, I chose a pretty spot on score from one of his contests and won my choice of lot. I chose the hockey one.

Yesterday, I received my prize lot in the mail and was surprised by the many, many bonuses!

Here is my prize....

Oooooooooo SHINY AND DIE CUT!!!

And a sweet rookie jersey card. Not to mention, Game Worn. Those words mean a lot!
A big thanks goes out to @APetrelak for the prize lot. If you are not yet following him, do so! The NHL Playoffs are upon us and I bet he will have something up his sleeve for them. Not to mention, great hobby guy as well.

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