Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I NETted Me This!

When I saw a POST on Twitter from another blogger, I am talking about you The Snorting Bull, about Pacific having made a net card from netting on foul poles or from goal posts, I immediately knew I had to have one.

Since I collect Ken Griffey Jr, I thought that is where my search should go first. But, my one and only find of the aforementioned Pacific card ended before I had funds to make the move. So I went to plan B, my love of football.

Upon researching and trying to find the best deal and find a card of a player I actually liked, in the end I landed a 2000 Pacific Paramount End Zone Netfusion of Mark Brunell. Brunell was a player I loved to watch in the 90's. He could take it to you with his feet and through the air which helped lead the Jaguars to winning seasons and the playoffs. That's something they have lacked since he left.

So I was pretty happy to only have paid $1.99 for it and get it of one of my favorite players of the 90's.

Another unique card off my list and I wouldn't have even known about it if it wasn't for The Snorting Bull. It truly pays to read other blogs :)


  1. Very cool. Love out-of-the-ordinary relics like this.

  2. Awesome! Never realized that these were actual netting used in games.