Saturday, April 25, 2015

LOADED Trade Mail Day From @GregorioGuindon

What started out as a conversation with one person that I thought may be interested in a 8x10 Panini Sammy Watkins autograph, turned into a conversation with another person and a completed trade.

My conversation began with @dpalagi518 who I started a discussion with to trade the Watkins. In the midst of our convesation, he suggested that I go discuss my trading piece with @GregorioGuindon who was collecting Watkins and might enjoy it for his man cave wall.

Trusting @dpalagi518 suggestion, I started my trade talk with @GregorioGuindon and we were able to work out a trade pretty fast. I also added in a few other cards in the trade as well. I was happy with what I was receiving that the fact that I was able to find someone who would enjoy the Watkins more than myself.

Not only did the trade happen fast, so didn't the arrival of the mail day from the trade. Here is my score:

(You must have guessed that more Andre Williams were involved)

This one is numbered to 49. I love the look of it with the rainbow shine.

A Spectra rookie/jersey auto

One of my very few Topps Triple Threads cards. This is a nice addition however the auto seems to get lost in that big gold box lol.

Then this sick patch auto. Look at that patch!!

All of these Williams were new adds as well.

Not only did he trade me those, he threw in some FREEBIES!

Some numbered goodies here including two Damontre Moore rookies. I really hope he takes off this year

And also a Eli and Plax jersey cards. I really miss watching these two hook up in the Red Zone. If only Plax hadn't made one mistake in his life who knows where his career would be right now. Anyways, it's my first jersey card of his as well.
A big thanks goes out to @dpalagi518 for suggesting I go make a trade with @GregorioGuindon. And a HUGE thanks goes out to @GregorioGuindon for being an awesome trading partner who is now added to my trade circle. Thanks again for the extras as well. Much appreciated!!

If you have Twitter and are not following either of these guys, you better go click that follow button. Great guys and highly suggested trading partners.

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