Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Pages Added: #SCCGivesBack, 90's Spx Project, Trade Stuff

If you haven't noticed recently, I have added three new fun pages to the top of the blog.

They are as follows:

On The Trading Block
1990's Spx Project
#SCCGivesBack Promo

On The Trading Block is exactly as it states, it's items I have up for trade at this current time. I have most listed already, but may still have more to come.

1990's Spx Project is all of 1990's Spx projects I have completed so far.

And finally, #SCCGivesBack is an ongoing contest. Find out how you can earn FREE CARDS.

I hope everyone who reads this checks them all out and leaves their thoughts.

Another new post coming up soon on Sport Card Collectors!

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