Saturday, April 25, 2015

One More Card Off My Want List

Every preseason there seems to be that one standout player that you weren't expecting. And if you watched the preseason in 2014, you know the one name you heard continuously, Corey Washington.

This guy was making Odell Beckham type catches in the preseason and was someone I looked forward to seeing on the field in 2014 as he seemed to be the WR/Red Zone piece the Giants were missing. However, he fell down the depth chart with players like Preston Parker stepping up and the game-changer that turned out to be Odell Beckham and all of a sudden you have a forgotten guy. A guy who led all receivers in receiving yards in the preseason and who I thought would become a household name.

I never forgot about him. Nor did I forget about the amazing plays he made. I remembered what happened in 2010 when Victor Cruz came onto the scene and ripped defenses apart in the 2010 preseason before sustaining an injury. Fast forward and see where Victor Cruz is now (with the exception of last years season ending injury), he is a Pro Bowler.

Will Corey Washington be able to make an impact in 2015 for the Giants? Hard to tell. The G-men have much depth at the position and he has at least Cruz, Beckham, Randle and newest Giant Dwayne Harris ahead of him. He has truly got to have another standout preseason and training camp to prove his worth and maybe save himself a roster spot. If for some reason he doesn't make the Giants roster, I would be surprised if he doesn't land elsewhere.

Despite his lack of playing time in 2014, he is still a Giant at this point and I found it worth at least picking up his rookie autograph at a cheap price. Cause you just never know.

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