Friday, April 10, 2015

Showing Off The Dre's

I figured it was time to show off where my Andre Williams collection currently stands. I know mine will not even touch some collections of him, but I am pretty proud of what I have so far. I think this collection would be a little bigger if I could surpass my "hobby ADHD" that doesn't allow me to put focus onto one collection anymore lol.

I used to have more focus in the 90's with sticking to just one thing such as I did with my Griffey collecting. But, after watching that collection flop after injuries, I decided to do an open PC with sub-PC's within. This also created my "hobby ADHD". Yes, this may sound like complicated collecting to some, the easiest way I can explain it is just take it as I collect it all. I have come to realize at this point in my collecting that I enjoy the hobby too much as a whole to put focus JUST onto ONE area of my collecting anymore.

Enough with the back story, now onto showing you my Andre Williams thus far.

These are some of my favorites. I like the Panini Choice Awards and the Prizm NYG parallel I got from my buddy Turk.

Jersey card. Not pictured is a Panini Playbook Jersey booklet. I couldn't find where I placed it.

Now onto my autos! Most I got from trades



These are stunning!

My favorite auto of the group which also happens to be my first Slide Show auto.
Hopefully this won't be the last of my additions to this PC. I look forward to adding more this summer and will keep you posted on this.

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