Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Trade With Baseball Cards Come to Life! (Bo Rosny) Blog

I am a bit behind on posting mail days I have gotten over the past month, yes month, but I promise to everyone that I will get to posting these up. I would do more than one post daily, but by doing that, the older post sometimes gets lost and I don't like that. So my eBay pickups and trades will ALL be posted, but you must be patient and continue to check in.

So on to today's post. Here is a bit of a back-story on how this trade went down.

I received a random email back at the beginning of February from a Bo Rosny that stated he had acquired some huge cards lots with a vast majority that was in the mid-90s and consisted of baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards. Since this lot was so big, he wanted to trade off what he didn't need in big lots and included his blog link in the email.

At first, I was curious and wanted to click onto the blog link. Then I stopped myself. I get many spam emails with links and attachments and since I didn't know of this blog I didn't just want to click on it. I had to do what I normally do with things, I did my research. After a few new blog visits and a Google search, I found out that it was legit to click on. I know this sounds a bit strange, but in today's day and age of people sending out viruses, you gotta protect yourself.

Fast forward a bit, I commented on the link that was in the email that contained a list of the cards available.  I saw lot's of 90's goodness on there and wanted to make sure I got in on the action. So we went back and forth for awhile through email and finally came to terms on a trade.

I received my end of the trade a few weeks ago and as I said earlier, I am a bit behind on posts and apologize. So here it is. Some 90's awesomeness!

We will kick it off with some basketball. Most of it was Fleer Metal but that doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.

Some shiny stuff....ooooooooooohhh

I remember pulling the Kobe rookie like the ones below. I like the Raymond Felton Gold Medallion add too.


A little on the Gridiron!

Hockey Cards

Two of my favorite additions from the trade. We all know my love of Spx and the Tim Brown die cut is awesome!

And finally, I will close up this post with some phone cards from Classic. In this group is two Dale Earnhardt Sr.

And by far my favorite phone card if not my favorite card from the trade. A pretty sweet Jason Kidd one from Assets.
Overall, a very successful trade that made us both happy.

If you haven't yet, go check out Bo's blog, Baseball Cards Come To Life!, there is a lot of fun things to read especially viewing where his #WalletCard gets to go. It's already been to more fun places than I have lol.

Thanks again Bo and I hope to do more future deals with you.

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