Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Very Grady Mail Day Part 3 of 4:LOTS Of Baseball Inserts

Baseball....America's Past Time

Baseball Cards....One Of My Collecting Passions

There was definitely plenty to collect in this mail day.

It was loaded with everything from Topps to Heritage to Gypsy Queen to Donruss and more. All of the inserts were right up my alley.

Now I know I showed off Yanks yesterday in the mail day, but I also saved a few for today's and tomorrows. One of them is this sweet Roger Maris.

I really like the First Pitch cards. Might be one of Topps more creative inserts for their flagship product in awhile. It may also be a set that I might try to complete.

Donruss inserts. Well, I consider the Donruss '81 inserts as they fall at a tougher rate in the base set. Same goes for Diamond Kings.

And All-Time Diamond Kings
More insert goodness.....

I love that Panini brought back the Preferred line as an insert. Possibly something we see in the future as a product. Will have to see. Some big names Grady sent along.

Same goes for Elite

To close out the baseball insert portion of this mail day, gotta show off some Gypsy Queen finds. First up,  framed inserts.

Next, mini's!

And even more Mini's including a #'d to 99 on the bottom.
Like I said, this part was loaded. And as the title states, there is still one more part of this mail day. Yes, I said it, one more part. What could already top what he sent? Well, if  you like shiny stuff, I suggest you come back :)

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