Monday, May 11, 2015

Panini Redemption Replacement Mail Day..#d 4/5!!

I have no patience. I don't like to sit and wait for redemption cards. So when the four month waiting period comes up, I get it replaced. I would rather have a card in-hand, then not have a card at all or have to wait years for it.

My latest redemption card replacement was for a 2013 Totally Certified Gold Signatures /10 of Alec Ogletree of the Rams. I am not a fan of defensive players cards, though in Madden and on the Giants I love my defense, so I was happy to receive this card as it's replacement. It's Giants blue, a QB and low numbered. Doesn't get better!

Glad to had made the replacement. I have another redemption ending soon from Panini but haven't decided whether to replace it or not. It's Jarvis Landry, so to me, that's up in the air as Landry is an excellent player with a very bright future. That one I may wait on unless they can replace it with another Landry auto. Time will tell.....

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