Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sweet Trade Mail Day From

If you have been paying attention to this blog recently, you will have noticed I have been making trade moves left and right. Not something I ever pictured myself doing. I guess you can say I have come out of my shell a bit. But, I am still very cautious who I trade with. I must have either heard of you, seen you around or associate you with someone before I can make a move like that.

Despite having known Kevin from for four years now, I have never actually attempted a trade with him before. But, that changed when he tweeted out he had cards available and luckily I had something he wanted.

Up first in my trade were these two giants rookies. Now, neither is on the roster anymore, but hey, they are still Giants. I also like Greg Jones' autograph. Very clean.

Then came a card I desperately wanted, my first Phil Simms autograph. I really needed one of these for the PC. This one is also numbered to 25.

And I couldn't just accept those three cards. There was one more that I really wanted from him. If you hadn't heard, he was one of the lucky winners in Topps photo contest for their Stadium Scenes insert set that were inserted into 2015 Opening Day. Meaning the baseball stadium photo he submitted would be in packs to find. He has accomplished every collectors dream of having your own card.

So I not only asked for a copy of the card, I had to have it signed of course!
A big thanks goes out to Kevin for this trade and for the bonus throw-ins of the Stadium Scenes and a Derek Jeter Topps Chipz (not pictured).

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