Friday, May 22, 2015

Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Blog Part 2 Of 2: LOTS OF GRIFFEYS!

In Part 1 of my Trade Mail Day from Project Pedro Blog, I showed off the freebies that Shane threw into our trade. Now it's time for the meat and potatoes of our trade, the Griffeys.

Up first was 17 numbered additions from the 2008 Spx American Hero Set. All of the cards in the set were numbered to 725 and up to this point I had ZERO of these so they were needed additions.

Up next is a Sports Kings base card. This one really stood out to me. I like the design a lot.

After that is 6 more adds with Griffey mostly playing for the Reds. The Ultra is pretty cool because of the borderless photography and catching Jr after-swing.

And another nice one here....


Here with numbering to 150...

and here with more numbering.

And to close it out, two pretty sharp looking cards from 2006 UD Future Stars. Not a product I had seen up close before but may be one I wanna open now.
And that finishes up my new Griffey additions. There was a total of 31 in all and as for an overall number I can only rough it around 500. With Griffey having up to 15,000 cards total, I have a ways to go.

A much deserved thanks goes out to Shane for this mail day. I am glad to have been able to help your cause for #ProjectPedro and happy that you were able to help my.....yup I came up with a hashtag for mine now to....#MissionGriffey.

Thoughts and comments are always welcomed!

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