Saturday, May 16, 2015

What Does An Fleer Ultra Hockey Rookie Redemption Look Like? See Here!

Patience. Something all of us must have when it comes to redemptions. That is something I had to learn with my first Upper Deck one in years....and it wasn't even for an autograph!!

In Upper Deck's 2014-2015 Fleer Ultra product, amazing product by the way, they inserted these that fell one-per-box that you needed to redeem online like a redemption card.

With early season hockey card products featuring carryover rookies, rookies that made their debut after the previous hockey card season, Upper Deck decided they would try to include those rookies before the following years products released by including these Rookie Redemption cards. So no waiting til 2015-2016 products to get those late skating rookies. Upper Deck has them now.

And in exchange for the redemption card I redeemed, 5 months later, I received this on Friday...
Not a bad looking card. Just seems like a long time to wait for an non-autographed card but I understand why. I do like the aspect of getting those late season rookies included somehow so you don't have to wait. Other sports could use that too. It also helps that he is in a Rangers uni even though he no longer plays there. I guess that is the only bad part of the redemption promo is UD keeping up on possible moves for these players as well.

So now I gotta ask your thoughts on this. Do you mind waiting for a non-autographed redemption card? Do you like Upper Deck's idea and attempt to try and get these rookies in? Let me hear your thoughts!

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  1. yes I like the idea even if its not an auto card . out side of baseball hockey has the most call ups of young kids. late in the season. so its understandable what UD is doing.