Tuesday, May 12, 2015

When One Became Two

After winning an eBay auction, I usually pay pretty fast and usually the person on the other end ships the next day. So when I had won an auction for an auto/patch of Andre Williams and saw no shipping updates after almost a week, I became concerned.

I asked around for opinions on what to do and most said just leave it and wait. Something in my gut told me not to. So I stuck with my gut and contacted the seller. They responded the next day apologizing that they didn't realize the card had ended and promised to send an Odell rookie with the order. Well, they stuck with that promise.....

Here is the Andre Williams I won in that auction. Love the patch! Goes well with that one I traded for a few weeks back.

And the Odell Beckham rookie they promised, a Topps Strata. I did not have this one.
Overall a pretty solid mail day with a bonus. I am so glad I stuck to my gut and contacted them. It was also very nice of them to make it up by sending an extra, despite not having to. I wished other sellers were this nice when they mess up. But we are all humans, we all make mistakes.

Have you ever received a bonus on an eBay mistake? Have you ever given one? Your thoughts are always welcomed!


  1. Back in February or March, I had some complication involving a 1962 Whitey Ford Topps Buck. Basically the seller shipped the wrong Topps Buck, so I had to send it back to him using a PWE and a Forever Stamp. A few days later he sent me a full refund... and a few weeks after that I received the Ford + $2 to cover the stamp.

    1. Thats awesome. There are some great sellers out there and some not so great ones. I know if I was to sell cards I would want to keep it as positive as I could to keep selling

    2. Yeah... good customer service leads to customers returning for more. Although... I've got to admit that I haven't bought anything from him again. Maybe I should browse his eBay store (feeling guilty).

  2. I got a Gary Carter RC as an apology from a slow once. That was cool!

    I try to throw in bonuses with stuff I sell, even if I don't screw up.. just seems nice to do.