Tuesday, June 2, 2015

FIVE STAR Trade Mail Day From @sportcards1027

Last week I was messaged by @sportcards1027 and was asked if I was interested in making a trade for some Giants he pulled from 2014 Five Star football. Having seen the picture of his pulls ahead of time and what I would be trading for, without hesitation I agreed to work out a trade.

It didn't take us long to figure out a trade and for the both of us to feel satisfied with it. In his part of the trade, he landed some sweet autographed 8x10's I had listed in my Trading Block tab on the blog. I must also note that I have pulled that tab due to the lack of trade bait right now. I may bring it back when I have more up for trade.

Anyways, my mail day from him was exactly what the product states, it was Five Star! You will see why in a second.

First up, is a redemption rainbow parallel autograph of Giants RB Rashad Jennings. And yes, I know it's a redemption and I know it's a Topps one, but I have had great return success in the few Topps redemptions I have sent in. By the way, I have already entered it so wish me luck on a great return rate for this one too!

Up next for my Andre Williams PC, a new autograph. I really like the design. I hadn't seen Five Star up close til now.

And my final card of the mail day was the one I wanted the most. This card was even more beautiful in person (the silver ink on the black is amazing) and it's my first autograph of this player....Welcome home Eli Manning! You are not going anywhere.
A HUGE thanks goes out to @sportcards1027 for the trade and for being a great trading partner.

If you are not following him yet on Twitter please do so! He has an upcoming giveaway you don't wanna miss.

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