Sunday, June 14, 2015

It Has Begun!!!

It has begun! I have a checklist fully printed off and my #MissionGriffey is fully underway.

I used to have all of my Griffey's memorized but it's becoming harder as I go along and recently I have gotten some doubles because of it. So I printed off a full checklist up til the end of 2014 products and I am highlighting what I have and if there is something I can't find on the checklist I am hand writing it. This will also help give me a number count on my Griffey's.

The started project
The binder I have to go through to match them up. Roughly 500 to highlight
I am dreading this in some ways as it will be a very long project, but I know once it's all done, I will feel relieved. So off I go to highlight some more!


  1. Love doing checklists and highlighting old school on paper. Seems satisfying lol. Havnt gone for an single player but do it for most my sets

    1. The Tyler Wilson checklist is just as impressive.

  2. Good luck man! This is a huge project ....