Saturday, June 6, 2015

More To Show!

Awhile back, I put up a post on some autographs that I was questioning if they were real or fake and in that ARTICLE I mentioned how one of my former teachers contacted me and asked if I was interested in some of her son's cards and no doubt I was. So here is more, still lots to go, of what I got from that lot and today's focuses on cards I found not in binders.

The overall lot had some decent finds, the only problem is, a good portion of the cards in this lot were in really rough shape. So a lot I had to take out what I wanted and found a home for the rest. Despite the bad corners on this Tim Duncan, I just couldn't let it go. It's one of very few damaged cards I held onto.

Up next was a Cliff Floyd Classic Best graded card

Then a 2001 Topps Debut #d rookie of Santana Moss

And finally, the card that caught my attention first and possibly the most out of the entire lot, a 1997 Pinnacle Epix Moment purple parallel of the one and only Brett Favre. This is also framed and now hanging in the man cave. Not sure if I will keep a sweet card like this in the frame too long for fear of it getting ruined, but I may.
I was pretty excited about these finds and the many others coming up in future posts which I hope you come back to check out as well. Stay tuned!

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