Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Auction Full Of Unopened Boxes......

Living in an area where the hobby is non-existent can be both positive and negative. The negative being you have nobody to discuss the hobby with or any place to find cards. The positive being you can land some wicked deals when you do find cards and today's post I did just that....

For about three weeks I waited for what I called "THE AUCTION". The walk-thru preview was so massive I knew I had to go, but I also knew that with my budget I would be limited in what I got. There was just so much that I knew I wouldn't be taking it all home and would have to turn a cold shoulder on some.

There was a variety of stuff from completed sets to unopened packs to a few singles. Some of the eye catchers were 1985,1989,1990 and 1993 Topps Completed sets, but they were something I really didn't need. Then there was the drool-worthy TON of unopened wax from 92-99 from three major sports with big names such as Trophy Contenders, Fleer, Upper Deck, Collectors Edge and Topps. Those were something on the other hand that really caught my eye. I can't even begin to list all of them but my main targets were anything 95 and newer since I had so much of the older 90's.

So the day of the auction came and other than having not much spending money, the hardest thing for me was the FOUR HOURS I waited to bid on the specific items I had wanted. The cards. I had started to wonder if they were going to even auction them off with all of the junk they dug out. But, after much patience, I landed everything I had hoped for other than a box of 1998 Topps Football that just slipped by.

Here is my score...

Broken down even more...
And here it is literally broken down. All 10 sweet boxes of it.
  • 1995-1996 Topps Basketball x 2
  • 1997-1998 Upper Deck Series 1 basketball
  • 1997-1998 Topps Series 2 Basketball x 2
  • 1996 Stadium Club Football
  • 1995 Fleer Ultra Football
  • 1995 Fleer Football
  • 1996 Playoff Trophy Contenders Football
  • 1999 Topps Series 2 Baseball
I won't tell you what I paid for the lot. Instead I thought it would be fun for you guys to guess it. You will find out what I paid for each when I do my Breakin Wax breaks of them.

So in comments, for fun, I want to know what you think I paid for these and what YOU would have paid for them. I am very curious by your answers just comment away!


  1. You probably got them for an insanely cheap steal of a deal. I'll say $35 total. I'd probably pay upwards of $15 a box individually but as a group I'd go to about $50 for the lot. I don't think I'm typical though. I don't recall if those years were any that I really really like from those sports.

  2. $50. I love cheap boxes and opening them. They are so hard to find though. Hope you have fun!

  3. I guess you paid a Total of $60.50

  4. I'm going to guess that you got them for $39. If money was not an issue for me I would have probably done about $150 for the 10 boxes.