Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Chrome Finish...Another Grady M Mail Day FINALE!

When it comes to shiny stuff, the best of the best usually comes from Prizm and Topps Chrome as the parallels become more and more interesting on a yearly basis. These types of cards I would take over jersey cards any day. I mean a plain colored swatch compared to rainbow shinyness is not even a comparison.


And shiny I was given. Let me catch my breath as my heart races with excitement with this finale.

Okay. Let's finish this!

Up first are some chrome refractor parallels from Topps Heritage. The King Felix rocks.

My first look at 2015 Prizm up close. The base cards are very smooth. Added a Gardner to the Yanks PC and love the Sandberg from the 2014 Prizm.

These look so cool. I wished my camera could had caught the color and shine better. Added some great talent here and a Mattingly for the Yanks PC.

Even more impressive parallels from Prizm. I am starting to think it has an edge over Chrome. If only they had logos...

Speaking of Chrome, this mail day was loaded with refractors! The Wheeler is a blue.


TONS of purple ones. Posey, Hamilton, Tulo and my man Rivera.

Some 2-card rainbow starts including a gold of Martin Prado...

And the finish is a Black refractor of Jason Heyward. Impressive and love the photo. Wished Topps did more of these shots.
Overall, another OVERLY impressive mail day from my bud and blog reader Grady. He is one of the most generous collector I have ever met.

Grady, I am slowly putting together your next mail day and I truly appreciate your support and these incredible mail days. Thanks again!

If you have Twitter and are not following Grady, please do so. He is one of the hobby good guys. You can find Grady at @RUFUSRUFFCUTT. 

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