Monday, June 15, 2015

Wow! What A Milestone!

I just had to put up one more post today. Yes, it's my third one. So first off, please go back and check the other two posts out. Second, thanks for checking this post out. Third, thanks for what was an amazing blog day on here.

On an average day, Sport Card Collectors averages 300-400 views. My highest views in one day was 1813 views. Noticed how I said was.....I don't know what happened today...but I hit an amazing number I may never see again. Today, Sport Card Collectors blog received 4,067 views. TODAY!! Just today! That is absolutely mind-blowing and exciting. I hope to see more days like this in the future.

A big thanks goes out to all that have visited this blog and especially to those who come back on a daily basis. This year has been what I think is the best of the best on here if you were to ask me. Not sure if you guys feel the same. I am finally very happy with my layout and segments after three years of tweaking it. And tweaking I did.

Stay tuned for more new posts ahead. One will actually be posted in a couple more hours so I hope you return to read that.

Thanks again and God bless!


  1. just keep putting Danica into your post titles and watch your counts soar!

  2. I'm lucky if I get 200 views. I've gotta figure out what I'm doing wrong ;) Congratulations!