Friday, June 19, 2015

You Shall Call Them, "Mini" Cards....Another Grady Mail Day Part 4

Min...min...min...min...min...min..min...min...min...min...minimin...ooooooooooo....min...min..min...MINI...(tune of Two 1/2 Men)

Mini's galore were found in Part 4 of my Grady mail day. I think mini's can be fun to collect especially the parallels. Up until recent, they were a pain to store. Luckily BCW has some plastic sheets I can use to store them. Originally I was sticking them into plain sheets but they bounced all around.

Enough with me rambling on about storing things...we can save that for another day ;) Let's get to why you came here to see this post....THE CARDS!

Here are a couple football to start it off....

Tons of mini's here from Allen and Ginter. Nice lineup of players as well. Brock, Canseco, the Youk, Reyes and more!

A few more including John Smoltz and Rizzo

Some Gypsy Queen.....

One of them was even numbered.
I guess you can not only say the cards are mini, but this post as well. Didn't have much to say in this one, I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Another mail day post down and still more to go! Check back again tomorrow!

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